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Switchable on/off magnetic switch

The switchable on/off magnetic switch consist of strong NdFeB magnet, rotary switch and other mental parts. It produces a strong magnetic field by rotating the switch to change the poles of the magnets. They can be used as a welding tools or a handling lifter. It can hold the steel plate by magnetic force instead of the hands, so it’s very safe when welding. And also it’s light, and flexible, so is a good assistant for the welding operation.

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Magnetic switch is composed of strong NdFeB magnet, rotary switch and metal parts. It could change magnet polarity by rotating the switch in order to generate strong magnetic field. Therefore it can be used as a welding tool or handling lifter. It ensures welding safety, as the steel plate is held by magnetic force instead of hands. With a light weight and flexible operation, the switch could improve welding efficiency and safety.

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Carton box

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15-35 days

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100% in advance (Can be discussed)

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100,000pcs per mont

1. Door and Window Security Systems: Magnetic switches are commonly used in security systems to detect the opening and closing of doors and windows. When a door or window is opened, the magnet moves away from the sensor, triggering an alarm or alert.

2. Proximity Sensors: Magnetic switches are used as proximity sensors in industrial applications. They can detect the presence or absence of metallic objects, making them suitable for position sensing, object counting, and automation control.

3. Refrigerator Door Sensors: Many refrigerators use magnetic switches to detect when the door is opened or closed. This helps in controlling the interior light and, in some cases, activating or deactivating certain functions based on the door's status.

4. Automotive Applications: Magnetic switches are used in various automotive applications, such as detecting the position of a car door, controlling interior lights, or triggering other electrical functions based on the proximity of a magnet.

5. Electronic Devices: Magnetic switches are employed in electronic devices, such as laptops and tablet covers, to detect when the cover is closed. This information can be used to trigger sleep modes or other functions.

6. Limit Switches: In industrial machinery, magnetic switches are used as limit switches to detect the position of moving parts. They help prevent overtravel or ensure that a specific position is reached before continuing with the operation.

A basic magnetic switch consists of two main components: a magnet and a magnetic sensor. The magnetic sensor is typically a reed switch, which is a type of switch that consists of two ferrous (magnetic) reeds enclosed in a glass envelope. The reeds are normally open, meaning there is no electrical connection between them.

When a magnet is brought close to the reed switch, the magnetic field induces a magnetic force on the ferrous reeds. This force causes the reeds to come together, closing the electrical circuit and allowing current to flow. When the magnet is moved away, the reeds return to their original position, opening the circuit and interrupting the current.

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