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Permanent Magnetic Lifters: Unveiling Innovative Magnetic Technology

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In the ever-evolving world of lifting equipment and material handling, technological innovation continues to shape the way we work, making jobs easier and safer. One such advancement that has been gaining significance is the Permanent Magnetic Lifter. This technologically driven device uses magnetic force to lift heavy loads smoothly.

As an industry-university-research company, Zhuji Hiest Magtech focuses on the importance of technological innovation, and professionalization upgrades. We are committed to the development, design and manufacture of magnetic assemblies ensuring the highest quality standards are met. We aim to be a national-level, high-tech enterprise following an in-house quality assurance program from receipt of delivery through fabrication to the final product. In this article, we will discuss the strengths, working principles, and features of Permanent Magnetic Lifters. Let’s dive in.

The Working Principle

A Permanent Magnetic Lifter comprises a magnetic system with NdFeB magnetic materials. Featuring the best-in-class magnetism, the system can be easily controlled through a simple rotation of the lifter's handle. The unique ability to operate without electricity makes this technology an energy-efficient and affordable solution.

  1. Ease of Operation:

    To activate the lifter, you just need to pull the handle. It's a simple process that doesn't need any expert training. The user experience is further improved by the self-locking function of the handle when it reaches the position of a disconnected magnetic circuit.

  2. Activation and Locking:

    To hold the loads safely, rotate the handle to the "ON" position. This action induces the magnetic force, enabling the lifter to firmly grip the load. The handle will lock itself in the closed magnetic circuit, ensuring the lifting operation is stable and secure.

Strength and Power

The real strength of a Permanent Magnetic Lifter lies in its extraordinary holding force. In comparison to the conventional lifting methods, these lifters are capable of performing beyond expectations.

  • Great Holding Force:

    Permanent Magnetic Lifters possess a robust magnetic system that can use significant holding forces. This makes it easier to lift heavy loads while reducing the need for manual labor and enhancing workplace safety.

  • Safety Ratio:

    One of the key features of these lifters is their brilliant safety ratio. While most manufacturers in the market provide a safety ratio of 3 times the working load limit, our Permanent Magnetic Lifters are customized with a safety ratio of 3.5 times the working load limit. This higher safety margin offers an additional layer of security, ensuring peace of mind throughout the lifting process.


Lifting magnet tested to 3.5 times the rated capacity.

  • No electricity required

  • Safe and Lightweight

  • Portable and advanced design

  • Locking system with an efficient "on" and "off" lever

  • Made with rare earth NdFeB magnets

  • Actuating lever with positive spring lock

  • Forged hook for high mechanical strength and durability

  • Precision machined assembly block in a single piece to enhance efficiency

Product Comparison

While choosing a Permanent Magnetic Lifter for your lifting needs, it's important to consider your specific needs and thus make an informed decision. Here is the rundown of the important factors to consider while comparing different products in the market.

  • Magnetic Material:

    The magnetic material is the core of a magnetic lifter. NdFeB magnetic materials offer top-notch magnetism, ensuring a reliable and robust lifting performance.

  • Ease of Use:

    A self-locking handle with a user-friendly design streamlines the lifting process and decreases the risk of mishaps during the process.

  • Strength:

    It’s important to evaluate the holding force and lifting capacity of the lifter. A higher strength rating guarantees the capability to handle different loads.

  • Safety Ratio:

    The safety ratio of the magnetic lifter holds the utmost importance. While most manufacturers offer a 3-times safety ratio, we deliver an industry-leading 3.5-times safety ratio for additional protection.

  • Weight and Size:

    The lightweight and compact Permanent Magnetic Lifters ensure seamless portability.

  • Magnetic Force:

    A constant magnetic force leads to consistent performance during the lifting operation.


The game-changing Permanent Magnetic Lifters have revolutionized the world of material handling and lifting equipment. Their superior safety ratio and extraordinary strength make them a favored choice for businesses across the world. Make sure to invest in a premium Permanent Magnetic Lifter that improves safety standards while boosting workplace productivity.

We have been working on the development, production, and sale of magnetic assemblies for more than 28 years. Our R&D team is committed to the development, design, and manufacture of magnetic assemblies and proficiently applies advanced electromagnetism modeling software to complete customized designs of clients. It’s time to harness the power of magnetism with Permanent Magnetic Lifters!

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